We’re Creative Problem Solvers

Ellery Studio was founded by three friends in New York, during their time at the Parsons School for Design. The studio was, the name suggests it, at Ellery Street in Brooklyn. In 2013 we moved to Berlin, Germany. Ever since, we follow our vision of Friendtrepreneurship, in the fields of Visual Design, Innovation and Creative Learning.

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Ellery Studio
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Meet the Elleries

Bernd Riedel

Bernd Riedel

Complex human systems are his playground, information his toy blocks and the world his New york 1$ oyster happy hour. As Ellery's transdisciplinary manchild strategist, Bernd takes on the twisted problems. He is a Fulbright alumn and Parsons Dean's Scholar.

Dodo Vögler

As Ellery’s creative director, Dodo eats aesthetics for breakfast. Her style draws from the creative spirits of Brooklyn and Berlin, and her strategic mind is fuled by the HPI d-School and its design thinking method.

Eugen Litwinow

Our photo artist, publisher and design strategist is both Ellery’s cultural representative and responsible for creating our emotional visual worlds. He is a Fulbright alumnus and feels at home somewhere between Germany, Russia and the US.

Katrina Günther

Ellery’s director of happiness is one half design thinker, one half illustrator, and three halves of creativity. That makes two an a half design activists in one person. Katrina does visual recording, creativity coaching and also brighten your day.

Patryk Hadas

With his skills in creative retouch and photoshop, Patryk turns a shaky selfie into full blown glossy ad campaign. He represents Ellery Images, and post-produces our high-end photo work for clients in fashion, editorial and the music industry.

Maria Pantke

After six years as arts facilitator and designer in London and Cape Town, Maria is back in Berlin to share her talent for graphic design with us. She is a visual design power house, and doesn’t fear the use of a soldering iron or a milling machine.