The Ellery Fast Forward

1. Exchange: A glance on the map


During a casual two-hour meeting we look into your topic. Together we create an understanding of the current state and possible outlooks. The exchange is documented visually.


  • Status Quo Analysis
  • Insight into Creative Strategies
  • Visual Recording

2. Application: The experience Bootcamp


Based on the first exchange we deal with a concrete assignment during a Fast Forward. For three days we open up our Pop-up studio at your work place so you get to know us and our working methods better.


  • Get to know user needs
  • Develop ideas and prototypes
  • Experience new ways of working
  • Team building
  • User tests
  • Documentation

3. Implementation: Let’s go on an expedition


After the Fast Forward we iterate and transfer already developed ideas. This process can take from 2 weeks to 2 months.


  • Finalize ideas and implement them
  • Supervision of strategic orientation
  • Strengthen new working culture