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Innovation Services

Innovation culture

By creating stimulating environments and using challenging participatory methods, the transfer rate of knowledge can be accelerated and significantly enhanced.

  • Team
  • Space
  • Methods

Product and Service Innovation

Let’s re-imagine people’s relationships with the digital and physical world around them. We act upon reliable methods, with the user needs and sustainability in mind.

  • Design-led Research
  • Design Thinking Challenges
  • Rapid Prototyping

Creative Capacity Building

Design doesn’t have to happen in isolation. From user participation to co-creation, there is a wide range of emergent processes that create new and unexpected outcomes.

  • Method Workshops
  • Empathy Party
  • Visual Thinking School

Our approach to innovation

Innovation occurs if technological feasibility, economical viability and human values go hand in hand. We use Design Thinking as a human-centered approach to identify and develop desirable outcomes for often yet unknown needs.

Participatory Design

We have the experience and expertise to facilitate collaborative development processes with any number of stakeholders. Inclusion, empathy and effective knowledge transfer between all parties involved is key for developing innovative products, services and behaviors. When minds come together, ideas bear fruits.