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Introducing: Visual Strategies

Introducing: Visual Strategies

We stand up for visual design as a tool for driving collaborative understanding and knowledge transfer within and across teams, organizations and communities.


With our team of information design specialists we help you formulate your thoughts and get the message delivered.

  • On-point Communication
  • Align, inform and engage
  • Making Visions tangible

Visual Facilitation

Count on us to visually enhance anything that happens before, during and after your meeting, workshop or event.

  • Visual Recording
  • Information Mapping
  • Book a creative participant

Workshop Material

We support workshop facilitators in what they do best. Turn your workshop into a vivid experience with our design support.

  • Pop-up Persona
  • Templates & Artifacts
  • Give-aways & Packaging

Improve your ability to think and communicate

Visualizing your thoughts is a vital skill for developing new ideas and designs, communicating those ideas to stakeholders, and collaborating with others to turn them into reality. Ellery St. provides visual supplements for collaborative processes, or any other creative routine, in form of skills, services and products.

Feature Product: Pop-up Persona

Your tool for creating appealing personas for any human-centered development or design process: A re-usable freestanding figure with whiteboard coating and attachable speech bubbles.

Graphic Recording

Visual Notes are a great way to synthesize and structure complex topics. A graphic facilitator creates an engaging atmosphere, which results in participant excitement and curiosity.

Ellery Fast Forward

Become an Ellery Friend Forever with the Ellery Fast Forward: We accompany you on an unbuttoned journey into the realm of creative problem solving. Experience Design Thinking in an easily accessible format, tailored to your individual needs.