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EQT: The Gender Equality Toolkit for Working Women and Friends!
Learn more about our interactive toolkit and the innovative EQT workshop training approach!
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The EQT toolkits and workshops facilitate conversations, raise awareness and help spur positive change on the topic of equality and diversity in the workplace. Even today, women continue to make less money than men on average, remain underrepresented in top management positions, and are much more likely to experience bias or harassment in the workplace. EQT arms you with the tools you need to recognise and call out gender bias and make this world a little more fair – and a lot more fun – for everyone!
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Thanks to its hundreds of international backers, the toolkit has now been funded and produced! But don't miss out on our Crowdfunding video, that gives you insights into the toolkit! Next up, IKEM and Ellery Studio are rolling out innovative and impact-driven EQT workplace trainings. Together, we can make the world a bit more fair (and a lot more fun) for everyone!
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What's in the toolkit?
Card Game
Take your reaction skills out for a spin

a role-playing game on gender bias and inequality in the workplace with 100 illustrated prompt cards (50 situations + 50 responses) so that the next time you're faced with a real-life sexist scenario, you'll be ready.
Arm yourself with all the facts

an infographic handbook about gender equality that contains facts, statistics, and compelling arguments to recognize biased behavior, speak up when you see it, and create positive change in your organization.

Learn about barrier-breaking women throughout history

an award-winning infographic poster that celebrates major milestones throughout the history of female empowerment and illustrates key facts and figures by sector, region and representation in high-ranking positions.
Stick your support everywhere

to help spread the word and start a conversation with stickers and other goodies for use both in and outside the office.

Awards We Won
Winner of the U.S. Department of State initiated AEIF Award, Category: Initiatives Empowering Women and Girls
Winner of the Malofiej International Infographics Award, Category: Equality and Women's Promotion Best Graphic Award
EQT – At a Glance
Download more information about EQT to share with your friends, your colleagues, or your HR department.
Who is the toolkit for?
EQT is a multi-level toolkit that empowers individuals and organisations to identify gender bias and offers knowledge, actions and tools to address it. State-of-the-art research packaged in award-winning design ensures optimal user engagement, while the toolkit – in combination with the EQT workshops offered by IKEMxEllery experts – helps organisations build a culture of equality and diversity where everyone can thrive.
EQT is for anyone – women, femme-presenting people, men, non-binary people – who want to be prepared to speak up, and find their allies!

The EQT toolkit is available in English and in German.

What's the card game about?
Ever find yourself dumbstruck when confronted with a sudden blast of bias? Ever think of the perfect comeback, but only on the way home when it's too late? Don't worry, we got you! The EQT card game features 50 situation cards and 50 reaction cards that let you practise identifying and responding to a range of examples of bias and sexism – in a safe space. The situations in the card game are based on dozens of interviews with women in a wide variety of professions, from the energy sector to the music industry, and from tattoo artists to high school teachers. Let their, and each other's, experience help empower us to speak up and find our allies!
What's in the handbook?
The EQT handbook is full of facts, figures and arguments that help you find your voice, enlighten your co-workers, recruit more allies – and maybe even sway a sceptic. Here is a chapter outline of the handbook:

  • Gender equality: all aboard! The story of how the team behind EQT came together to create the toolkit
  • Introduction Shines light on why we need this toolkit and the global impact of gender inequality
  • Feminism FAQs Helpful responses to some of the most frequently asked questions about feminism
  • Myth-busting on the gender pay gap Useful statistics and research to understand what the gender pay gap is and isn't
  • The haunted house For most working women, a career path can sound more like a haunted house than a smooth ride
  • Breaking down the door Examines different forms of gender bias and their damaging effects on women
  • Elevate her to the top! Ways to fight gender inequality as an individual, as part of a team, as a manager and as a citizen
  • Read (your way) up! Some of our favourite inspiring voices to help gain new perspectives on equality
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